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Clean Light

Clean Light has invented, patented and brought the CleanLight crop protection technology into the real world practice of agricultural professionals worldwide.

CleanLight crop protection is a ground-breaking technology that provides protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses on all major crops without the use of expensive and harmful chemicals. This brings costs down for producers while giving health benefits to consumers.

Our company has build up an impressive intellectual property portfolio from this very technology. This portfolio ranges from patents on building machineries to the implementation of the CleanLight crop protection technology as a whole. All the while, Clean Light has patents pending in 44 countries around the world stretching Europe, the United States and Japan.

CleanLight crop protection machineries are built by our partners. Clean Light works tightly with the top distribotors and manufacturers within the machinery sector. Among them are Horticoop NL, Brinkman, Nic Sosef, UFO Supplies and Garta.


"Working together with quality suppliers (of farm machinery) has proven to work very well. I personally welcome inquiries from other suppliers who wish to make this technology available to their customers. We will assist them in every way that we can" - Arne Aiking, 2006



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